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              The Gentle Touch Group

This is an ongoing workshop offered on a Monthly Basis (three week session - 1 hour per week) for caregiver's of children:  infants to 7 years of age.  This Class focuses on how important the power of Touch can be especially at a young age through Reflexology. Groups are no larger than 10 people per group.  It is a very relaxed atmosphere and a time to enjoy, meet and share ideas with one another.  Adults only!

Call 845/505-6318 to register for a class. 

Classes at Embracing Life
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Couples Reflexology Group
This is a fun and exciting class for couples of any age.  It is a great way to reconnect with one another through the power of touch.  Taking the time out just once a week for an hour for three weeks and learn a holistic therapy which will help you keep communication alive and keep your body in tune.  

Couples Reflexology is an ongoing workshop which is offered on a monthly basis (three week session - 1 hour per week).  Come and enjoy a relaxed and rewarding experience.

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